Settings Overview for GD > Status > Tools

This is the Settings Overview for GD > Status > Tools page. You need to have the GeoDirectory plugin installed and activated in order to access these settings. 

In general, you should access these settings only when you really know what you're doing or have been instructed to do so by our Support Team. 

  • Clear Version Numbers - This option will force install/upgrade functions to run. 
  • Check Reviews - This option checks reviews for correct location and content settings. 
  • Create Default GeoDirectory Pages - This option installs all the missing GD pages. If a page already exists, it will not be replaced. 
  • Term Counts - This option can be used to recount the listing terms. 
  • Generate Keywords - Generates keywords from post titles; generally useful to enhance searching functionality on the site. 
  • DB Text Translation - This option collects any text stored in the database and puts them in the file db-language.php so they can then be used to translate them by translations tools.
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