Settings Overview for Settings > Frontend Analytics

This is the Settings Overview for the Settiings > Frontend Analytics page. 

You need to install and activate the Frontend Google Analytics plugin in order to access these settings. 

Frontend Analytics 

  • Google Analytics Auth Code - This is the authenticate code for your Google Analytics account. The plugin cannot fetch analytics in the absence of this code. 
  • Analytics Account - Select the Analytics account that you wish to setup for the site. 
  • Add Tracking Code to Site - If checked, it will automatically add the correct tracking code to your site. 
  • Anonymize User IP - Generally, you do not need this. However, certain country-specific laws might require you to select this option. 
  • Auto Refresh Active Users Every - You can specify the time interval (in seconds) to auto refresh active users. By default, the value is 5 seconds. You may set it to zero seconds to disable auto refresh. 
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