How to Setup Social Importer to Work with Facebook?

In order to use Social Importer with Facebook, you need to create a Facebook app and integrate the same with Social Importer. 

Creating a Facebook App

Before proceeding, you need to go through the Facebook documentation and create an app accordingly. Integration with Social Importer or any such tool is only possible by means of a Facebook app.

Once you have created the app, you need to copy its App ID and App Secret Key.

Setting up Social Importer

Head on to GD > Settings > Social Importer > Facebook.
Under Facebook App Details, locate the fields Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret. Enter the information that you copied from the Facebook app earlier. 
Save your settings. Optionally, you may choose to disable auto-posting to Facebook. 

IMPORTANT: Direct Parsing is the only viable option for importing from Facebook. Facebook have now locked down their API and require a review process to use. As of now, it is almost impossible to get approval.

That's all! You have successfully integrated Facebook with Social Importer.

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