Settings Overview for GD > Settings > Social Importer > Facebook

This is the Settings Overview for the GD > Settings > Social Importer > Facebook page. 

You need to have the Social Importer extension for GeoDirectory installed and activated in order to access these settings. 

Facebook App Details

  • Enable Direct URL Parse - If checked, Social Importer will bypass the Facebook API and instead directly parse the URL return data. This is similar to entering a URL in Facebook and grabbing its title and image.
  • Facebook App ID - Enter the Facebook App ID.
  • Facebook App Secret - Enter the Facebook App Secret Key.
  • OAuth Redirect URI - This setting needs to be added to your app settings by going to Products > Facebook Login > OAuth redirect URI.

Post to Facebook Settings

  • Disable Post to Facebook - If selected, Post to Facebook feature will be disabled for all post types.
  • Enable Post Type for Post to Facebook - You can select the post types for which Post to Facebook feature is enabled. If left blank, it will be enabled for all post types.
  • Disable Auto-Post to Facebook - If selecting, auto-posting to Facebook (whenever a listing is published) will be disabled. You can still manually post to Facebook from the Listing Edit page.

Looking to login using the facebook login app? Check out this blog post.

Setting up your first app for social sharing with FB importer?

FB has moved manage pages permissions under Facebook Login fro Business. To create App with the app type for Business please check documentation on how to create an  app here
It is necessary to select the 'Business' type in 'Step 1. Choose an app type.'

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