List Manager - Setup Guide

This setup guide will run through a typical setup of the List Manager extension from start to finish.

List Manager lets users create and save their own special lists of places. For example, “Must try Italian Restaurants“, “Places to visit in Scotland” or “Summer Events 2020“. 

There is no limit on the number of lists that can be created. Plus, lists can be set to Private or Public, and other users can browse Public Lists, just like Yelp. As the name suggests, only public lists are visible to all users.

For a full list of List Manager features, read the details on the product page.


The first step (if you haven't done so already) is to install the List Manager extension. This can be done by following our guide on how to install an extension.

Step 1 - Setting Things Up

Before going any further, you need to install and activate another WordPress plugin -- Posts 2 Posts

Posts 2 Posts allows you to create many-to-many relationships between posts of any type: post, page, CPT etc. We have taken over the security and maintenance of this free WP plugin, so have no worries about obsolete code or lack of support in future. 

Thereafter, once you have successfully activated both Posts 2 Posts plugin and List Manager extension, you will find a new CPT added to your WordPress installation -- Lists. 

There are no specific settings to be altered for List Manager extension. Instead, any new lists that are created will show up under the Lists CPT. All the Public lists can be accessed at the URL. 

Step 2 - Widgets, Shortcodes and Blocks

List Manager extension comes with three widgets, but you only need to add one to the GD Details page. The others are used on the list manager archive page to show a list of listings. 

  • Open the GD Details or GD Archive template
  • Add GD > List Save and save

All Widgets come as Widgets, Shortcodes or Blocks. Learn more about our Super Duper Widgets.

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