How to format the CSV file for importing listing images

When importing listings, you can add image details for the listings in the post_images column.

In order to allow for commas in the caption, a double colon is added between images:


For each image reference you need a file reference, media ID, title and caption.
For example, the data required to import 2 images would be in this format:

file reference|media ID|title|caption::file reference|media ID|title|caption

File reference

  1. To upload new images, use the filename like this: 
    filename.extension (for example hotel.jpg)
  2. If you already have uploaded the image to an existing listing, the file URL will be shown like this: 
    Note: This URL is only shown as an example.

Media ID

  1. Leave this empty when importing new listings.
  2. When updating listings, include the image ID as exported.

Title and Caption

  1. Can be shown as part of image displays. 
  2. hese can be left blank.
  3. For example with a title "City map" and caption "An image of a city map":


Import 3 images only:


Import 2 images with title and caption:

hotel.jpg||Hotel|This is a nice hotel::restaurant.jpg||Restaurant|This is a nice restaurant

When adding new images, upload the images to the uploads folder for the current month, for example:

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