How to Make any CPT an Events CPT?

  • The Events Manager extension can be used to extend your directory site with an Event post type. When installed and activated, Events Manager adds its own Custom Post Type "Events".

The Events CPT has its own set of event-centric fields, as well as custom taxonomies such as Event Tags and Event Categories. However, you can also set any CPT as an Events CPT. You will need the Custom Post Types extension to add the said CPT before setting it as an Events CPT. 

In order to follow the instructions in this doc, you will need to install and activate both the Events and Custom Post Types extensions.

Making any CPT an Events CPT

First, navigate to GD > Settings > Post Types.
Therein, depending on your requirements, you may choose to add a new CPT (to be used as an Events CPT) or make an existing CPT as an Events CPT. To add a new CPT, click the Add New button. Alternatively, to make an existing CPT an Events CPT, click the Edit button under the said CPT's name (visible on hover). For existing CPTs, you may also access this option from CPT > Settings > General.

If you are converting an existing CPT to Events CPT, doing so will move ALL of its existing posts to Draft status.

On the next page, irrespective of whether you're adding a new CPT or modifying an existing one, click the Show Advanced button. 
Scroll down to "Is Event Post Type?" option -- under the section Post Type, right above Author Page.
Check the box against the "Is Event Post Type?" option and save the changes. Now, this particular CPT will be treated as an Events CPT. 

Converting any CPT into an Events CPT will add event-specific fields such as start date, end date, event time, etc. to that particular CPT.

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