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The Linked Posts widget displays the linked posts in the sidebar or footer or any of the widget areas that your theme supports.

Major Features

The Linked Posts widget has the ability to sort listings:
  • alphabetically (A-Z),
  • on the basis of reviews,
  • on the basis of ratings,
  • randomly,
  • by date,
  • distance to current post (Details page only).
In addition to that, the widget can also be hidden from selected pages, or shown only on specific pages.

Widget Options

  • Title - The title for the widget. 
  • Post ID - The ID of the post for which linked posts are to be shown. You can leave it blank to use the current post.
  • Link Type - The type of link to show. There are two options -- Linked From and Linked To.
  • Post Type - The CPT that is to be shown by default.
  • Sort By (A) - The default sort order for the listings.
  • Title Tag (A) - The title tag to be used for the listings.
  • Layout (A) - You can choose to show the listings in grids of two, three, four or five columns, or as a list.
  • Posts to Show (A) - The number of posts to show.
  • Show View All Link (Checkbox) (A) - If checked, a "View All" link will be shown, allowing users to view all linked listings for that particular post.
  • Show/Hide Options - Choose where the widget should be shown. You can opt to show it everywhere, or only on particular pages, or only on GeoDirectory-specific pages.

Example Output

The widget will show the linked posts for the currently active post by default, or for a particular selected post. Here is how it looks with grid view: 

And for list view: 

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