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Here is a summary of all the options that are available when adding a new post type. 

You will need to install and activate the Custom Post Types extension in order to access this feature. 

Add Post Type

  • Post Type - CPT post type name.
  • Slug - CPT slug. Maximum 20 characters; minimum 2. Lowercase alphanumeric characters or hyphens only.
  • Order in Post Type List (A) - Position at which this post type will appear in post type list everywhere on the website.
  • Default Image (A) - Default image for the CPT (if the listing has no image).
  • Menu Icon (A) - Select the menu icon for the CPT.
  • Disable Comments (A) - Disables the comments feature for this CPT.
  • Disable Ratings (A) - Disables the ratings feature for this CPT.
  • Single Review (A) - Prevents users from leaving more than one review.
  • Disable Favorites (A) - Disables the favorites option for this CPT.
  • Disable Frontend Add (A) - Prevents the CPT to be added from the frontend.
  • Disable Physical Location? (A) - Disables all fields related to geographic position/physical location.
    Note that this will remove all location data from the CPT permanently.
    * This option is only available if the Location Manager is active.

Author Page 

  • Authors Posts (A) - Select the visibility of the authors posts on the authors posts URL.
  • Authors Favorites (A) - Select the visibility of the authors favorites posts on the authors favorites URL.


  • Name - General name for the post type, Usually Plural.
  • Singular Name - Name for one object of this post type. Defaults to value of name.
  • Add New (A) - The add new text. The default is Add New for both hierarchical and non-hierarchical types.
  • Add New Item (A) - The add new item text. Default is Add New Post/Add New Page.
  • Edit Item (A) - The edit item text. Default is Edit Post/Edit Page.
  • New Item (A) - The new item text. Default is New Post/New Page.
  • View Item (A) - The view item text. Default is View Post/View Page.
  • Search Items (A) - The search items text. Default is Search Posts/Search Pages.
  • Not Found (A) - The not found text. Default is No posts found/No pages found.
  • Not Found in Trash (A) - The not found in trash text. Default is No posts found in Trash/No pages found in Trash.


  • Description (A) - Descriptive text about the CPT (not to be confused with meta description).

SEO Overrides

  • Title (A) - Page title for the CPT archive page template.
  • Meta Title (A) - Meta title for the CPT archive page template (appears in the <head> section).
  • Meta Description (A) - Meta description for the CPT archive page template (appears in the <head> section).

Template Page Settings

  • Details Page (A) - Select the page to use as the details page template.
  • Archive Page (A) - Select the page to use for GD archives.
  • Archive Item Page (A) - Select the page to use for GD archive items. This is the item template used on taxonomy and CPT pages.
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