Get a Google API Key

GeoDirectory allows you to easily integrate Google Maps APIs. In this article, we have enlisted the steps required for such integration. Note that you will need to access your Google Developer Console in order to integrate APIs with GeoDirectory plugin. 

Step 1 - Getting the Google API Key

If you have already generated the keys, you can skip this step. 

Before going any further, make sure you have enabled Billing in the Google Cloud Console. You can do it here

Google APIs will not work unless a billing profile has been activated.

Thereafter, visit the Google API Console. You will need to login to your Google account. 

Next, click "Select a Project", and then Create a New Project. Enter your project details. 

Click Enable APIs and Services, and then search for "maps". Depending on your requirements, you are either looking for Embed API or JavaScript API. 

But that isn't all. To make sure everything works fine, you will need to activate the following API types as well --  static_maps_backend, street_view_image_backend, maps_embed_backend, places_backend, geocoding_backend, directions_backend, distance_matrix_backend, geolocation, elevation_backend, timezone_backend, and maps_backend. To do so, simply follow this link and register the API types to your project (you will need to be logged in to your Google account). 

Once enabled, you need to head to Credentials section, and then Create New Credentials --> API Key.

That's all, you have created your Google API Key. Obviously, you need to keep it safe and not share it publicly. 

Step 2 - Integration with GeoDirectory

Head to your WP admin panel, and then GeoDirectory Settings --> General (tab) --> General (sub-tab). Click the "Show Advanced" button to show all options, and then scroll down to Map Settings. You need to place the Google API Key from Step 1 in the relevant field, and the Geocoding API Key in its respective field. 

If your Google Maps API Key is restricted by HTTP referrers, the Google Geocoding API Key is required. 

You may also select the default map language, and the default Maps API. GeoDirectory supports both OpenStreetMap API and Google API. If you are unsure what this means, simply leave it to "Automatic". 

That's all, you can save the changes and exit the page. 

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