How to Contribute Translations

If you want to help to translate our plugins into your language and share translations with other users, you can do so by visiting our GlotPress page:

  1. Register an account if you don't have one and log in.
  2. Select the language to translate. 
  3. In this example, we will translate Italian:
  4. Click on the Stable (latest release) link
  5. GlotPress will open and you'll see a table with 2 columns. On the left the Text Strings in English and on the right the translations. If no translation is available you will see the label: Double-click to add

  6. Translate all the strings you can

Double click, type in your translation and press the button "Suggest". 

New suggestions go to validators. After they validate them, the translation will be available for others. 

For more information about suggested translation and validation, please read these docs: 

User Roles and Permissions 

Аpproval of Translations (Validating)

Find your Local Validator

If you complete a language and maintain it, you'll get a 12 months membership for free and we will renew it as long as you keep the translation updated. 

Translate add-ons

translating add-ons is done in the exact same way, but on our website instead of

The URL to find the add-ons translation projects is:

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