Dynamic User Emails - Setup Guide

This setup guide will run through a typical setup of the Dyanmic User Emails extension from start to finish.


The Dynamic User Emails extension lets you set up dynamic emails for certain user actions such as user registration, adding or editing listings, and add a new review/comment.  Another ability is to be able to instantly email all listing owners or filter that list to be able to email only listing owners from an exhaustive list of filters based on their listings.

For a  complete list of features, see the Dynamic User Emails product page.


The  first step, if you haven't already, is to install the Dynamic User Emails extension. This can be done by following our guides on how to install an extension.


Once installed and activated, you can find the settings at GeoDirectory > Settings > Dynamic Emails. 

Under the settings tab, you have the option to disable the emails from sending if you need to temporarily disable them.

Email Lists

This is where you view your current saved emails and create new ones. By default, you will see an example email template, which is set as pending review and not yet active. (Emails with the "pending review" status will not be active and will not send emails).

Add a New Instant Email

With the "instant" email type, these are different from the emails that happen when an action happens.  Instant emails can have several conditions strung together, which makes them extremely useful.  

In this example, we will make an update reminder email (now added as an example email on installation); we will make this send to place owners who have not updated their listing in more than 6 months.  Below you can see the settings used to create this email.

With the above settings, you can see the note about the format for date fields.  We check that the last modified date is less than 6 months ago. This means that we will only send this email to users who have not updated their listing in the last 6 months.

Send an Instant Email

For instant emails, once the email template is published, you can then send it by clicking the send email button:

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