Settings Overview for Bookings > Settings

This is the Settings Overview for the Bookings > Settings page. 

You need to have Booking Marketplace extension installed and activated to access these settings. 

Booking Settings

  • Booking Payments - Decide how payments will be processed for bookings.  You can choose full payment, deposit only, or not to collect payment.
  • Deposit % - If you have selected to collect a deposit only, you can then set the percentage of the payment to collect as a deposit.
  • Booking Sales Commission % - The percentage value set here will be taken from the booking price as a commission, the owner will receive the remainder.
  • Additional Service Fee % - The service fee percentage is added in addition to the booking price.  It can be used in conjunction with the sales commission or without it.  This is similar to how AirBnB adds its own service fee to the cost.
  • Payment Form - Set the GetPaid payment form to be used on the booking checkout. This allows you to customise the checkout process by selecting a custom-built form especially for bookings.
  • Hold booking (minutes) - Hold booking (for unpaid invoices) for x minutes. When this time limit is reached, the pending invoice will be canceled and the booking released, allowing other customers to book the same dates. Leave blank to disable.
  • Cancellation policies - Set pre-built cancellation policies that your owners can select from.  Once setup, you can add the cancellation policies custom field to the add listing page for users to select.

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