AyeCode Connect Connection Troubleshooting

Below are a few of the main reasons AyeCode Connect won't connect to your site, in most cases this is because they block the API request:

  • Coming Soon plugin.
  • Password protection plugin.
  • Maintenance mode plugin.

For the above plugins, it is usually enough to disable them temporarily and then connect.  This will allow for plugin updates, however, if you make any new purchases, they may not auto-install the license keys. Also, the support user may not connect.

BuddyBoss API restriction setting

If you use BuddyBoss and have restricted the API to logged in users, you MUST add our URL to the allowed list.
Under /wp-admin/admin.php?page=bp-settings&tab=bp-general > Public REST APIs >
Enter "wp-json/ayecode-connect/v1/"

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