Hide Google maps controls with a snippet

To hide the street view square you can use some CSS or a code snippet.


Add this to your custom CSS

	.gm-svpc img { position: initial !important; }

Code Snippet

Add this code snippet for more control

 * Remove Map Type and Street View controls from Google maps.
function gd_snippet_190814_map_params( $params, $map_args ) {
	$map_type = $params['map_type'];
	$map_canvas = $params['map_canvas'];

	//if ( $map_canvas == 'gd_map_canvas_directory' ) {
		//$params['mapTypeControl']       = false; // Map Type control
		$params['streetViewControl']    = false; // Street View control

	return $params;
add_filter( 'geodir_map_params', 'gd_snippet_190814_map_params', 20, 2 );
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