Font Awesome Settings

We are huge fans of Font Awesome, which is why we have integrated it into our plugin.  You can find the settings under the normal WordPress settings menu.  Settings > Font Awesome

Font Awesome Settings

  • Type: Set the way Font Awesome should be loaded. CSS, JS, or via a Kit.  (if using v6 pro you MUST use a kit type).
  • Version: Leaving this set to "Latest" will always auto-update to the latest version, if you specify a version then it will no longer auto-update.
  • Enqueue: Specify if you want to load on back or front end, or both.
  • Enable Pro: If you have paid for pro you can enable it here. (if using v6 pro you MUST use a kit type)
  • Enable v4 shims compatibility:  Most likely you will not need this, if you use an old theme that still uses Font Awesome v4 you might need to enable this.
  • Enable JS pseudo elements: This would be used only with the JS type of loading, it is unlikely you will need this, it is kept for compatibility issues only.
  • Dequeue: This will attempt to remove any other version of Font Awesome that may have been loaded via another theme or plugin such as Elementor, this will prevent the double loading of the scripts.

Pro Icons

If you have paid for Font Awesome Pro, please make sure to tick the "Enable pro" option, if you are using type kit for v6, you should still make sure the pro option is ticked to ensure pro icons show as options in our settings.

Official Plugin 

If you have the official Font Awesome plugin installed, you should adjust all settings there, our plugin settings will no longer take priority.

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