How to use the Service Distance field

GeoDirectory offers the "Service Distance" field. Read more here about how to set it up and use it.

What is Service Distance

Im a busy city there may be thousands of service providers, but far fewer who are able to provide service at your location. Service Distance makes it easy for your site visitors to search for those services providers who definitively provide service in your area.

Many types of home service providers like plumbing or housecleaning operate within a specific radius of their main office. This means they will only be able to provide service to you if your location falls within that radius. 

The Service Distance option for GeoDirectory provides a field where your listing owners can enter their service distance and this will be used as the radius in near searches. When someone searches 'near', then the results will then include all the listings that have a service distance that overlaps the 'near' coordinates.


1. Open the custom post type settings.

2. Find and click the "Service Distance" field in the Pre-define fields section.

3. Configure the field label and description and save.

4. Click "Show advanced" to reveal the advanced field options

5. Recommended: Set a default value. In the example below the default value is set for 10.

6. Recommended: Set the field as "Required". Now listing owners will need to enter a value for the field the next time they edit the listing.


Once activated, the service distance 'mode' will make all near searches into near searches based on service distance.

Once activated, listings must have a value in the service distance field or they won't be included in near search results. Without a value there is no way to calculate whether they should be included or not.


Service Distance in the Pre-defined fields.

Click to add to your add-listing form.

Service Distance field options

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