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The Post Rating widget outputs the rating value of the listing. The rating text will link to the ratings on the single listing page.

Our rating system is not limited to showing half stars. The rating background is filled to a percentage value of the rating allowing much greater accuracy.

Widget Options

Some settings for this widget are advanced settings, reveal them by clicking the button next to save.

  • Show - What to show in the output, options are;
    • All - Show both the stars and the text
    • Stars - Show only the rating stars
    • Text - show only the rating text.
  • Alignment - How the item should be positioned on the page.
  • Hide item on view - This option can hide the whole output when viewed in a post loop grid view on under.
  • Hide secondary info on view - You can set at what view the secondary info such as label will become hidden when this is used in the post loop archive item template.

Example Output

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Show Stars

Show rating text

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