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The GD > Report Post widget can be added to the GD Detail page and allows for your site visitors to report listings for inappropriate content.

On submission, admin will be notified and can review the submission at GeoDirectory > Settings:

Widget Options

  • Text - The text shown to open the report form used for the button, badge, pill or link.
  • Design - Choose from Button, Badge, Pill, Link or Form.
  • Output Type - Choose your other design options like colors and size.

Add extra reasons for reporting the listing

The widget includes the following options why someone may report a listing:

You can add extra reasons by adding this code snippet (You can add this snippet via the code snippets plugin):

function gd_snippet_report_post_reasons( $reasons ) {
	$reasons[] = __( 'Something else' );
	return $reasons;
add_filter( 'geodir_report_post_reasons', 'gd_snippet_report_post_reasons', 20, 1 );

Managing reported listings

Admin can review the submissions at GeoDirectory > Settings > General tab > Reported Posts sub-tab.
You can filter by report reasons, and select what action is required.

Example Output

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