How to set up Private Address

Add the "Private Address" option to GeoDirectory listings to prevent the display of address and map location on the frontend.

With the Private Address feature your listing owners can hide their address and map location with the click of a button. Listings marked with a Private Address will still appear in GeoDirectory archives and keyword or IN search. Listings with Private Address marked are excluded from maps, Near search or the 'Near Me' location page.

The Private Address option is a checkbox custom field. Follow these steps to add it to your site.

Open the Custom Fields settings.
Click "Private Address" to add the field, then save.
Drag and Drop to place the field where you like in the form.
Adjust the field description for your listing owners.
Edit a listing and mark the "Private Listing" field.

Private Address Custom Field

Field Description

If you are offering this option for private addresses, it may help to add some information to the address field description to clarify why the address field is still required. Here is some text to get you started:
"Add your address here. Online Only? Choose the Private Address option and enter an address in the correct time zone so users will get the right start time for the event. No address or location info will show on the site."

Private Address in the GD Details templates

GD Map widgets will be hidden, as well as map tab.

Address details will not show in GD Output Location, or with GD Post Meta, or GD Post Address

Address details and maps will still be visible to logged in Admins.

Private Address in the GD Archive item

Listings marked with a Private Address will show the text "Private Address" where the address would normally be displayed in the GD Archive item.

Private Address with Location Manager

Listings with Private Address marked will still show in Category+Location Archive pages as well as Location pages.

Listings with Private Address marked will not show in Near search results or Near Me location pages.

Read more about Location Manager

Private Address with Pricing Manager

The Private Address custom field can be included or excluded in Packages.

Use it as an upsell opportunity for paid packages. Read more about Adding Packages


Set up a badge to show on listings with a Private Address using the 'private_address' key

Read more about GD Post Badge

Translate or Localize Private Address feature

The "Private Address" text string shown in the GD Archive item can be changed with normal localization of the GeoDirectory core PO file. Read more about localizing GeoDirectory.

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