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The Post Address widget gives you granular control over outputting the listing address.

The GD > Post Meta widget can output the full address, the GD > Post Address widget is generally needed when a partial or custom format address is required.

Widget Options

Some settings for this widget are advanced settings, reveal them by clicking the button next to save.

  • Title - The widget title.
  • Post ID - Enter a specific post ID or leave blank to use the current post ID.
  • Show - What to show in the output, options are;
    • icon + label + value
    • icon + value
    • label + value
    • label
    • value
  • Address template - Here you can specify a custom address output template. 
    • Enter the address tags as required, adding _c (comma) _br (line break) or _brc (comma with break)  to the tag adds a line break or comma and line break after it. 
    • Available tags: %%street%% %%street2%% %%neighbourhood%% %%city%% %%region%% %%country%% %%zip%% %%latitude%% %%longitude%% %%post_title%% %%br%% )
  • Alignment - How the item should be positioned on the page.
  • Text Align - How the text should be aligned.
  • Hide item on view - This option can hide the whole output when viewed in a post loop grid view on under.
  • Hide secondary info on view - You can set at what view the secondary info such as label will become hidden when this is used in the post loop archive item template.

Example Output

Default output:

If you are creating a local directory you might not want to output so much info, in this case, we could only show the icon and value and change the Address template to %%street_brc%% %%city%% %%zip%%

Additional Display Modifiers

For address parts you can also add modifiers like %%region_c%%, like %%region_br%%, like %%region_brc%%

 - _c - if the value is output, add a comma after it. 
- _br - 
_c - if the value is output, add a line after it. 
_brc - if the value is output, add a line break and comma after it. 

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