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The Notifications widget has two purposes. Usually placed at the top of most template pages, the widget can show standard notifications to users such as letting them know that a listing has closed down. This widget will also show admin hints, which will show notifications only visible to admins of the site that will give them hints about the current page they are viewing.

Widget Options

This widget has no options.

Example Output

User notification that a place has closed down.

Admin Hints

Test notifications, by default the notifications widget might not show anything on the front end and you may be unsure of positionaing, to test the notifications you can add /?gd_notifications_test=true to the URL to show some test messages

How to Change the Color of Alerts?

You can change the color of alerts and notifications show by GD > Notifications widget by adding the following custom CSS to your site, using the Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS section: 

.bsui .alert-info {     
	color: #fff;     
	background-color: #005563;     
	border-color: #000b0c; }
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