Server Requirements

GeoDirectory is constantly tested on the latest versions of all technologies.  It is recommended to always use the latest stable versions when possible.  

If you already have GeoDirectory installed you can visit the status page under  GeoDirectory > Status
The status page will alert you to any issues.

WordPress Version

  • Recommended: 5.3 or greater
  • Minimum: 4.7

PHP Version

  • Recommended: 7.3 or greater
  • Minimum: 5.6.2

MySQL Version

  • Recommended: 5.6 or greater
  • Minimum: 5.0

Or MariaDB version 10 or greater.

WordPress / PHP Memory Limits

Memory limit requirements depend very much on your website content, theme, and all plugins installed.
As your listings increase you may have to increase the below limits.

  • Recommended: 512mb or greater, this value may rise dependent on the amount of content.
  • Minimum: 128mb

HTTPS Support

Many Geolocation features used by GeoDirectroy require the use of HTTPS. 
Not using HTTPS can result in a diminished user experience. 

  • Recommended: Yes

WordPress REST API

GeoDirectory uses the WordPress API for several features such as map marker and ajax paging requests.
If the API is disabled on your website GeoDirectory will not function correctly.

  • Required: Yes


GeoDirectory v2 was built from the ground up to run on any hosting and with any caching system.

Our hosting of choice is Cloudways, in particular their Vultr High-Frequency option.

We use it for our demos and also for some personal projects and we are very happy with their performances.

For directories with regular traffic, the first option (1GB) is more than enough and you can always upgrade when needed. 

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