How to Replace Business Hours with "Open/Closed" on GD Archives?

By default, GeoDirectory shows the business hours of a listing on the archive pages. This is helpful in letting the users know about the operational hours of listings. 

However, you can replace the business hours with custom text, such as "Open" or "Closed", depending on the actual business hours of listings. As such, when your users visit the archives listings page, they will see whether a given business is currently Open or Closed. 

How to Display Open or Closed on Listing Archives? 

To accomplish this, simply use the following CSS code: 

.geodir-field-business_hours a {
cursor: default;
pointer-events: none;

.bsui .text-danger, .bsui .text-success {
color: transparent !important;

.bsui .text-success font {
color: #44c553 !important;

.bsui .text-danger font {
color:#dc3545 !important;

.bsui .dropdown-toggle::after {
display: none;

You can add the above snippet using the Code Snippets plugin. Alternatively, since it's CSS, you may also add it using the Advanced CSS section of the Theme Customizer, if you have the Jetpack plugin active. 


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