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The GD > Export Events widget is used to display a button/link "Export Events" that, when clicked, opens a popup with options to "Download to iCal" or "Copy Link to Event Feed"

This widget shows all the events in the current scope. For instance, it can be used to search for and export "events in London in January 2021", or "all events in London for the next year", etc.

Widget Options


  • Post ID - Specify the post ID here, or leave blank to use the current post ID. 

Button/Link Settings

  • Button/Link Text - Specify the text for the button/link.
  • Icon Class - You can choose any FontAwesome icon class. 
  • Button Type - You can choose to display a text link or a button with icon. 
  • Button Background Color - Specify the button background color. 
  • Badge Text Color - Specify the badge text color. 
  • Badge Size - Choose the size of the badge. 
  • Alignment - Choose the button alignment. 
  • Hide Item on View - You can choose to hide items upon view. 
  • Hide Secondary Info on View - You can choose to hide secondary info upon view. 
  • Extra Class - You can specify extra CSS classes here for additional styling. 


You can enable/disable calendar providers. The options include Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Outlook Calendar and Apple Calendar. 


Button output: 

Output on events page: 

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