Getting Started with Location Manager

The Location Manager addon extends your city directory to a global directory or anything in between. With Country, Region, City, and Neighborhood support, users can browse and add listings anywhere they want.


For installation instructions, head on to this section.

Once installed and activated, you can find the Location Manager settings at GeoDirectory > Settings > Locations tab.


URL Settings

"Home page should go to" links your website's logo to your website's home page, or to the current location your visitors have browsed to, for example:

  1. The logo will link to the Location page for the 
  2. location selected by your visitor.

The advanced "Archive urls" setting allows links to Archive pages, to go to Archive pages filtered by the current location, or to unfiltered Archive pages.

The advanced "Archive urls on details page" setting is specific for Detail pages, and allows for the category links from a Detail page to go either to the Archive pages for the city, the region or the country of the listing.
It can be disabled too, and then the category links will go to unfiltered Archive pages.

Adjust any other Location Manager settings as required. You may find detailed Settings Overview docs in this section.

Working with Location Manager

Location Manager adds four new content fields to your listings -- Country, Region, City and Neighbourhood. You can also make use of its Near Me button widget, that can geolocate and set the current location to user's current location. 

Location Manager does not require you to manually add locations, as any location field you add to a new listing is automatically saved, if it does not already exist. However, you can choose to manually add countries, regions, cities etc. should that be needed. 

You can enable support for Neighbourhoods in Location Manager. Also, Location Manager addon comes with a Location Switcher too, that can be added to widget areas or navigation menus. It allows users to switch their current location manually.

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