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Every GeoDirectory installation will create a few extra WordPress Pages that are used to generate all your directory web pages.

GeoDirectory Pages

Location page For every location in your database there will be a separate page created automatically based on this template
(This page is usually the starting page for your directory, but should not be used as the front page of your website. You can use the same content on your front page if you like the layout)
Add Listing page This page allows your users to add listings from the frontend.
The content is based on the custom fields.
Search page Returns the results of any search made by your visitors
Terms and Conditions page A single page that can be used to list the terms and conditions for adding a listing to your website
Details page For every listing added to your site there will be a separate page created automatically based on this template
Archive page Template to show listings in a category or Custom Post Type, and uses the Archive Items to display selected information of the listings and to link to the Detail pages of the listings
Archive Item page This template does not create pages, but is used to display selected information of the listings on the Search results page, the Archive pages and in GD Listings elements

Editing GeoDirectory Pages

You can edit the GeoDirectory pages at GeoDirectory > Settings > General tab > Pages sub-tab.

Read more about editing and customizing GeoDirectory Pages.

Re-creating Missing GeoDirectory Pages

If you accidentally delete a GeoDirectory page, you can recreate them at  GeoDirectory > Status > Tools tab > Create default GeoDirectory pages > Run.

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