Settings Overview for GD > Settings > Maps Styles > Manage Map Styles

This is the Settings Overview for the GD > Settings > Maps Styles (tab) > Manage Map Styles (sub-tab) page. 

You need to have the Custom Maps Styles extension installed and activated in order to access these settings. 

Manage Map Styles

This section is divided in four parts. You can specify the custom map styles for each of the parts separately. 

  • Directory Map Style 
  • Archive Map Style 
  • Post Map Style 
  • Add Listing Map Style 

For each of the sections, you can choose between Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps. 

When working with Google Maps, you can choose to add your own custom styles, or import existing styles

If you are using OpenStreetMaps, you can select from the existing list of map style layers. 

Note that certain layers require an OSM Layers API key -- you can input this in the GD > Settings > Maps Styles > General section. 

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