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The GD > Compare Button widget displays a button that allows users to compare two or more listings.

Widget Options

  • Button Text (A) - Specify the text of the button. 
  • Button Icon (A) - Enter a FontAwesome icon class for the button icon. 
  • Added to Compare Button Text (A) - The text to be used when the listing has been added for comparison. 
  • Added to Compare Button Icon (A) - The icon to be shown when the listing has been added for comparison. 
  • Button Background Color (A) - The background color of the button. 
  • Button Text Color (A) - The text color of the button. 
  • Button Size (A) - Choose the button size. 
  • Alignment (A) - Choose the button alignment. 
  • Show/Hide Options - Choose whether to show the widget on all pages or only on selective pages. 
  • GD Pages - Select the pages on which to show the widget (recommended: GD Listing Details page). 

Example Output

Default output, allowing the visitors to add listings for comparison: 

Once all listings have been added, the visitors can click the button to see the listings side by side: 

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