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The GD > Embed widget shows a button that can be used to get embed code for the current listing. Users can simply  click the button to grab the embed code, and then use the same to embed the listing on their sites. 

It is recommended to display this widget on Listing Details page. 

Widget Options

  • Badge - The text of the badge. If left blank, it shows the field title as the badge text. 
  • Icon Class (A) - The Font Awesome icon class to be displayed on the button. 
  • Show to - Choose whether to show it to everyone, or only logged in users, or only listing owners. 
  • Badge Background Color (A) - The background color of the badge. 
  • Badge Text Color (A) - The text color of the badge. 
  • Badge Size (A) - Choose the badge size. 
  • Alignment (A) - Choose the badge alignment. 
  • Hide Item on View (A) - Choose if the item is hidden on a given view. 
  • Hide Secondary Info on View (A) - Choose if any secondary info is hidden on a particular view. 
  • Extra Class (A) - Specify an extra styling class for the wrapper. 
  • Show/Hide Options (Widget only) - Choose where the widget should be displayed.
  • GD Pages - Select the GeoDirectory pages on which the widget should be displayed. 

Example Output

Sample output, on Single Listing page: 

Upon clicking the button, the Customizer is shown for the embed code: 

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