Why Do I Need to Change the Search Page Slug When Using BuddyPress Integration?

The issue highlighted in this article applies only if you are using an older version of BuddyPress. As of version 6.1, BuddyPress seems to have fixed the search page slug conflict. 

In some cases, after activating BuddyPress on your site, you may notice that the GeoDirectory search page is no longer working as intended. This is because BuddyPress hijacks the search page slug, and /search will no longer work for GD search page.

There are two possible ways to remedy this: 

Upgrade to the Latest Version of BuddyPress

As of version 6.1, BuddyPress no longer hijacks the /search slug. As such, if you are running the latest version of BuddyPress on your site, you should not face this problem. 

Change the GD Search Page Slug

Perchance you need to stick to an older version of BuddyPress, you can fix the search page conflict by changing the slug of your GD Search page. 

Navigate to Pages > All Pages.
Open your Search page in the Editor. In the Document Settings section, head to Permalink.
Change the Page URL Slug to a valid address value other than "search". For instance, geodirectory-slug.
Save the page. 

That's all. Since your GD Search page now resides at a different URL, it will not be hijacked by BuddyPress Search.

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