Differences between the Google Maps and OpenStreetMap APIs

Google Maps API

  • Global reach with data from almost everywhere.
  • Consistent formatting for street addresses.
  • Consistent and predictable administrative areas; cities are (almost) always cities (and not regions, for example).
  • Map translations are available, meaning you can set the language of the map.
  • Custom Styling with the Custom Maps addon.
  • Users cannot fix errors, but incorrect data can be reported to Google.
  • Can be costly once free quota has been exceeded.

Open Street Maps API

  • Free.
  • Several map styles (tilesets) available with different styles through the Custom Maps Addon.
  • Data errors can be correct by directly editing the map on the OSM site.
  • Global community, but a much lower overall volume of data.
  • Inconsistencies in address formatting, especially between countries.
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