Getting started with Divi builder

Divi and GeoDirectory work together with the use of GeoDirectory shortcodes in Divi Code modules. In this document you will find the first steps you should take to setup GeoDirectory with Divi. 

Use the Divi Backend Editor

Divi works best with GeoDirectory with the Divi Backend Editor. Before you get started, enable the Divi Backend editor using the Divi option described here.

The first step after installing GeoDirectory is to use the Backend Editor with Divi code modules to hold the default content shortcodes for the GD Details, GD Archive, and GD Search pages. These pages and their default content are installed with GeoDirectory.

To find the GD Page templates, go to

WordPress Backend - GeoDirectory - Settings - Pages

Click on the "Edit" button to open the editor for each page.
See also: Design or Customize GeoDirectory Pages

  1. Open the page template - it should display with the classic editor by default.
  2. Copy the GeoDirectory shortcodes 
  3. Open the Divi Backend Editor by clicking the button "Backend Editor"
  4. Add a Divi Code module 
  5. Paste the GeoDirectory shortcodes 
  6. Save the layout and the page
  7. Repeat for each of the GD Details, GD Archive, and GD Search templates.

Warning! Do not use Divi Text Modules

Divi text modules do not display/execute all shortcodes, and are likely to add unsighlty and unwanted formatting and whitespace to your layout.

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