Elementor - Create and use a GD Archive item in Elementor Pro

Important: You will need Elementor Pro

Create a new GD Archive Item in Elementor

Go to Theme Builder - GD Archive Item

Add a New GD Archive Item - Title "GD Archive Item Elementor"

Save and Close the GD Archive Item

Create a new GD Archive in Elementor

Go to Theme Builder -> GD Archive

Create a New GD Archive

Set the Display Condition to All Places (or your own Custom Post Type)

Add the Archive Posts Elementor module

Adjust the Archive Posts widget settings by selecting it

Choose Skin - GeoDirectory Archive Item

Choose template - GeoDirectory Archive Item Elementor (the title you saved for your GD Archive item above).

Save the GD Archive

Visit the Custom Post Type slug to see the Archive and Archive item ( /places/ )

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