Email Log plugin

When emails are not being received, the Email Log plugin is the starting point of your testing.
  1. This plugin is very handy to check the emails that are generated by your system and are prepared to be sent.
  2. If an email does not arrive in the mailbox of a user for example, you can check if the email was generated by your system for delivery.
  3. If the email is generated but not received by the recipient, then the problem lies somewhere outside your WordPress site, for example with;
  • the server: check with your host if your server is sending the emails and has the the correct SPF, DKIM and DMARC records.
  • the content of the email: make the content less spammy or generic
  • the recipient's email provider: may reject emails sent by a website that is not using an email that belongs to the same domain of the website, or your sender email is blacklisted somewhere.
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