Settings Overview for Design > Reviews

This is a settings overview for the Design > Reviews page.


  1. Rating Color - Specifies the color of the rating stars.
  2. Rating Color Off - Specifies the color of the inactive rating stars.
  3. Rating Type (A) - Chooses the rating type to be used, Font Awesome or transparent image.
  4. Rating Icon (A) - Selects the Font Awesome icon to be used for ratings.
  5. FA Fixed Width (A) - This can be used to add extra spacing between Font Awesome icons.
  6. Rating Transparent Image (A) - If the transparent image option is set, this particular image will be used.
  7. Rating Text 1 (A) - Text shown when a 1-star rating is selected.
  8. Rating Text 2 (A) - Text shown when a 2-star rating is selected.
  9. Rating Text 3 (A) - Text shown when a 3-star rating is selected. 
  10. Rating Text 4 (A) - Text shown when a 4-start rating is selected.
  11. Rating Text 5 (A) - Text shown when a 5-star rating is selected.
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